Andrew Heringer

There isn’t enough time to go over all of Andrew’s achievements. It was exciting to have him on the show and we hope you enjoyed our chat with him as much as we did! If you haven’t listened to the episode, listen to it on your favorite podcast platform or right here on our home page.

OR listen here to Episode 12. What is Music Production? With Andrew Heringer

If you already heard it and want to learn more about Andrew, you can find info on all his work here:

Fun Fact: Teddy swears by South Bath as a good way to relax any time of the day. Her favorite is the Rain – Natural Water Sounds Album. She listens to it while she is working (she is listening to it RIGHT NOW!). Check it out! Sound Bath | Rain

Announcement: Is your sweet tooth aching?

We know what you’re thinking – “where is my new episode of Pckt Cndy”?!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Here’s the tea, sweets! Pckt Cndy is so much fun for David and Teddy and we want to continue to do it for a very long time!! SO in order to do that we have decided to bring you new episodes every other week! This will allow us to make sure we are providing you with top shelf quality episodes every time. Nothing but the best for our sweets!

As they say…


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