What is Pckt Cndy?

Pckt Cndy started as an ongoing inside joke between David and Teddy. They began riffing off one another in a song about candy in their pockets. The banter kept going and they decided to share their laughter with the world.

What will be discussed on the podcast?

Everything. Life, love, liberty, friendship, current events, hot topics, politics, culture… the list goes on. David and Teddy come from very different cultures and will apply their experiences to topics whilst learning from each other. The discussion will be deep and thoughtful, but also fun and sassy.

Why should you listen to Pckt Cndy?

David and Teddy want to share their world with you and come from a place of brutal honesty and love. Who doesn’t need a friend or two like that right now? They are the truthful, raw, uncensored best friends who will talk about all the things no one else will, and make you laugh till you cry (and maybe pee a little).

Why doesn’t the name have any vowels?

David would say, because that what the cool kids are doing. Teddy would tell you, because we can’t afford the vowels.

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